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Varying from country to country- the History of Last names

Variety adds spice in life. The variation and uniqueness in each name is what makes them interesting. Quite understood, your name marks your identity and entitles you in a way for each individual to easily grasp. For some, understanding the origin, meaning, significance of their last name may be a diversion but for most and maximum it’s quite an obsession. The various Indian ceremonies are its living example. The history and lineage of your last name has always in store a surprise for the extent of your imagination. Ancient Indian and Greek names marks the top of the list in doing so.

Going back in the history, the usage of surnames became quite prevalent from the year 1066, to be precise after the Norman Conquest.  Not long after did the convention become a norm in the society claiming a few exceptions as Prince, Maddona and Cher. Known to almost all, the ethnic background of your fore fathers is the sole criteria for the genesis of your surname. However, the customs and conventions about the last name vary from country to country.

Spanish people mostly prefer using Catholic Saint’s name as their Surname. To discuss about Chinese, an individual name, a family name and generation name are a must for each Chinese. In fact for Jews, it is in their religious code of conduct to name one member of their family after its deceased relative. Nonetheless, the customs for Irish, Welsh, and English and Scottish surnames are quite different and are found to revolve around the category of localities, occupation, first names and nicknames for their origin.

Besides the above, there were other factors too that contributed in forming an identity of an individual. The most common was the occupation practiced by an individual. Surnames Mason, Farmer, Baker are quite common and deliver a much more clear picture for the above. The story was not only restricted to the occupation, geological characteristics and localities too were taken as an important criteria for taking a surname. Sydney, Hill, Marsh are a perfect example for the above. But what an individual least expects today is his/her lineage being named after a “silly nick name” as Kennedy, Gotobed etc.

Last but not the least, the practice of surnames being derived from the first name of an individual was most common in Ireland and Britain. In fact, it was little improvised by adding a prefix or suffix as ‘son’ indicating the relationship existing between the two after whom the individual got its name. To know more about your lineage, there are a lot of websites that can be contacted.

Meaning of names

There is no doubt about the fact that names of an individual have a lot of influence on one’s nature as well as their activities. This is the reason that parents and family members choose the best name for their son and daughter. Every name has a unique meaning and has a powerful impact on their personality. There is a long list of names to choose from but one has to make the right choice.

Names and their meaning

Many studies have been carried and all of them have a similar view that the names have a lot of impact on one’s self. When a girl or a boy is born in a family, a lot of celebrations take place. Even the name giving ceremony is organized and the family members choose the best and suitable name. The first letter is decided by the priest who studies the position of the stars and ensures that the right name is given to the child. So the name plays a very important role in influencing our lives and that is why it is one of the crucial decisions taken by the family.

The name not only gives an identity to the person but at the same time has an effect on their personality as well. Different letters of the name hold a significant value and influence the various activities which are taking place in one’s life. No one can deny this fact and even the great philosophers believe in this concept that the names provide an individuality which is necessary to survive in the society.

Finding the meaning of your names

Your first name is considered to be your name while the last name is the surname. To find the meaning of your name, you have to use the first name. There are a lot of online tools that help you to find the real meaning of your name and more about your nature. As the name is directly connected with the nature, therefore such tools provide a lot of information about the qualities you have. These tools are successful to a large extent and provide nearly the accurate information. You only have to enter the name and its meaning will come before you. This is pretty easy and you can find out the meanings of any name in your family.

So next time you want to know more about the different names, the internet can help you in different ways.



How far back does genealogy go?

Genealogy, popularly known as the family history is all about knowing your ancestors and grabbing information about them. Knowing about your past is pretty interesting and genealogy helps you to trace the origin of your family and lineage in a very simple way. Records, events etc are some of the sources used to trace back the history and find out where your ancestors came from and where did they reside. All this requires a lot of effort and that is why the genealogists can best accomplish this task. They are highly experienced and are familiar with the tracing procedure that helps them to grab complete information.

How far can you trace your family?

Tracing your family history depends on the records available in their names. There are many cases wherein the people have been able to find out their family history which dates back around 1600 years. This is just incredible because it is quite difficult to find information and that too of the pre historic era. No matter from which part of the country have your ancestors come from, if the right process is followed, there are chances that you may get close to your target. This is the reason that genealogy is so much popular among the people.

Some of them have been able to trace their family members dating to the era of 1700’s and 1630’s too. This is quite amazing as you can find a lot about your family through this study. Apart from knowing where they came from, you could even find out about the unknown people of your family as well. This would help you to create a family free and know more about the history of your family, their dependants and other important information.

Find more about your paternal and maternal family members

Genealogy is the study through which you can know both about the paternal side as well as the maternal side. No matter whose side you want to know about, genealogy helps you in every aspect. There are many people who have tried using this study and have been successful to a large extent. They have been able to trace a lot of information that brought them close to their family. It was definitely a new experience because everyone is not familiar with their family history.

So you can say that with the help of genealogy you can easily collect information about your ancestors and other family members too.


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